Big Expanded Hospital Coming to Prince Albert

There’s a big expanded hospital coming to Prince Albert.  This will have a major influence on our community.  

The much expanded hospital in PA will have up to 40% more beds.  Being a tertiary hospital means that it offers absolutely everything.  There will be no need to travel to Saskatoon. 

Here’s a news story from 3 years ago about the provincial funding announcement:  Sask. government commits more than $300M to expansion of Prince Albert’s Victoria Hospital | CBC News 

A way bigger hospital with lots of new services will mean a need for many new workers.  It’s estimated that our new hospital will require up to 500 additional health care workers!  It’s a good thing that we are building more attractions so people will want to move here.  We also need big city amenities so our young people want to stay here for their careers.

Here’s a video that shows the architectural rendering: (Be patient if it’s got some ads or other stories.  Just click skip.) Prince Albert Victoria Hospital project. Architectural concept rendering. (youtube.com)

Not that long ago, PA was on the Top Ten List of Places to Live in Canada.  Big things are all coming together at the same time to help us make our way back onto that list!  This big expanded hospital coming to Prince Albert is just one of them.  Keep checking back to learn more.  And spread the word:  #opportunitiespask #proudpask #growingpask #livingpask