Expanded Programming at PA’s UofS Campus


Recently, we found out that there will be expanded programming offered at PA’s UofS Campus.  Just last month, University of Saskatchewan President Peter Stoicheff was  at the Prince Albert campus.  He was excited about how the UofS campus in the top half of the province has been doing.

“We are the University of Saskatchewan, not just the University of Saskatoon,” he said. “I hope that the people of P.A. are proud to have not just a university campus there, but a campus of the University of Saskatchewan. I think they deserve to know that the university is doing tremendously well.” 

He went on to say that Prince Albert will be able to cater to even more students with future expanded programming at PA’s UofS Campus.  More program options means the community becomes even more attractive to more people as a destination. 

You can read the whole story here:  USask President says P.A. Campus has room to flourish in 2024 | paNOW

Little known fact:  post secondary education facilities like University of Saskatchewan Northern Campus, SIIT, Sask Polytech, GDTI and First Nations University of Canada Northern Campus are major tourism draws.  They bring lots of money from out of town, to the local economy, for months and years at a time.


So much will be happening soon in Prince Albert.  And it’ll all be unfolding within the next 2 to 5 years.  Expanded programming at PA’s UofS Campus.  A massive $898 million expansion and refurbishment of our hospital.  The new, state of the art Aquatic & Arenas Rec Centre.  A dynamic commercial district – The Yard – bringing millions of dollars of new tax revenue to the city.  A proposed 4500 seat Event Centre to draw national and international facility user fees to the city and tourism dollars to our businesses. 

Together, these will be game changers for our community.  Together, these developments could turn Canada’s Most Park Filled City into one of Western Canada’s busiest, bustling cities.