The New Community Safety & Wellbeing Coordinator

PA has a new Community Safety & Wellbeing Coordinator.  This is a city of Prince Albert position that is federally funded. 

This new Community Safety & Wellbeing Coordinator position is very unique.  Other cities in Saskatchewan didn’t get this funding and don’t have this position.

This Coordinator position will make a big difference to the community of Prince Albert very quickly.  The Coordinator works with all of the non-profits in Prince Albert.  Together, they all work on community safety and wellbeing issues.  They are working on issues like discarded needles, homelessness, crime and gangs.  They can all collaborate and work together like never before. 

In the past, our non-profits each had their own focus.  Now, because of this Coordinator position, they can share information and resources to make a big difference on many of our community concerns. 

In a small city like ours, this will be a game changer.  We’ll have even more reason to be Prince Albert Proud and feel Prince Albert Positivity.  And the timing is perfect as a construction boom is about to begin in our city.  We’ll have lots of new people coming here for the many different kinds of jobs in the construction industry.  The $898 million hospital alone will keep construction booming in PA for about 4 years!

We’ll have lots of people to entertain and keep busy.  It’s good to know that because of the new Community Safety & Wellbeing Coordinator, PA non-profits are working right now to address issues felt in cities all across Canada to make a strong, proud Prince Albert.